Justice and Peace Shares


In June of 2004, each of the seven founding organizations provided a list of 100 of its most consistent contributors. These were seven grass-roots, Saint Louis based justice and peace organizations. Twenty households who had consistently provided substantial gifts to one or more of the participating organizations were identified and personally invited to become contributors to Saint Louis Justice and Peace Shares.

The purposes behind this were to help the member organizations in their fundraising efforts and to give the organizations a steady income throughout the year, but also to lessen the fund raising appeals that the contributors would receive, realizing that the organizations had many duplicates in their collective donor lists. In a way it was designed as a "united way" for these small non-profit organizations. Contributors could contribute once a month and give to many. 

JPS' contributors grew through various means and appeals. The most effective have been personal contacts with current contributors.



In the intervening years, the organizations have periodically changed with some coming and going, and currently the number of participating organizations is fewer than anyone wants.  A search is on for other organizations that meet the JPS criteria, and a couple are currently in their decision process.

IFCLA is proud to be a founding member of Saint Louis Justice and Peace Shares. 


JPS contributors are invited to purchase SHARES in JPS.  Each "share" represents a pledge to contribute $25 per month to JPS.  Most fulfill their pledge on a monthly basis but other options are available.  These payments can occur through (a) a regular automatic deduction from a contributor's checking account, (b) through PayPal, or (c) through regular checks through the mail.

Member organizations commit to not send routine fund letters to JPS members, to inform their members of other JPS events, and to offer reduced ticket prices to events.

Funds are equally distributed to the member organizations monthly.  IFCLA currently (2017) receives about 50% of its operating expenses from JPS distributions. 

If you would want to consider becoming a member of St. Louis Justice and Peace Shares, contact them at JPSSTL.ORG via the "Contact Us" page to donate directly.

If you know of an organization that might fit into being part of JPS, talk to the organization and let JPS know.