Sobre Nosotros

Desde 1977, IFCLA ha colaborado con congregaciones, escuelas y organizaciones en la zona metropolitana de St. Louis, sobre los EE.UU. y internacionalmente para trabajar por un justo y equitativo comunidad mundial.


Nuestra misión

Mediante la educación y el apoyo, convocamos una comunidad interreligiosa para acompañar la gente de Latinoamérica en su lucha para derechos humanos y justicia social.

Nuestra Visión 

IFCLA imagina un mundo en lo que compañeros se extienden sobre fronteras económicas, políticas y sociales para construir un futuro para la planeta y su gente. envisions a world in which partners reach across economic, political and social borders to build a sustainable future for the planet and its people.

Our values

Dignity: Respecting each person's autonomy to act on their own intuition and wisdom. 

Integrity: Acting with honestly and transparency in all situations, even when the outcome of doing so is unclear. 

Solidarity: Recognizing the unity of our mutual struggles toward liberation and supporting each other with compassion. 

Diversity: Finding joy in the many manifestations of what it means to be human. 

Commitment: Showing resolve and resilience through our actions, while sustaining optimism about our collective future. 


STrategic Framework 2019

girls_racial profiling.jpg
When our congregation wanted to learn more about issues related to immigration, we turned to IFCLA. What we gained was education, relationships, inspiration, partnership, and opportunities to put faith into action. The IFCLA staff have been with us in every step towards offering sanctuary.
— Reverend Rebecca Turner, Pastor, Christ Church United Church of Christ

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