Immigration Education

Every country has some system for immigration. In the U.S., our immigration system has been under continuous challenge and change throughout our history. After all these changes, what is the current system for immigration to the U.S., what created the system, who does it fail and how are we called to respond? IFCLA's Immigration 101 class seeks to guide participants in exploring these questions through short workshops. Varying in length and depth, the workshops cover:

1) the history of U.S. intervention in Central and Latin American countries and the resulting economic situations of these countries

2) the history of immigration policy in the U.S., specifically with regards to Central and Latin America

3) the reality of a migrant's journey, the dangers they face along the way, and the values that may compel them to undertake such a trip

4) the status of our borders with regards to security and often-inhumane implementation of current border security policies

5) the moral imperative for people of faith and goodwill to act in compassion and solidarity with our migrant brothers and sisters

Each session of the workshop includes portions of education, small and large group discussion, and personal reflection. Participants are invited to share personal connections and perspectives on the themes discussed, as well as challenged to remain open to new insights and understanding surrounding the issue of immigration. 

Interested in participating? Interested in involving your congregation or social group? Please email Sara John at Please also checkout our upcoming events for the next scheduled Immigration 101 and other educational opportunities.