Trump's New Ally in Mexico

“Mr. López Obrador’s administration, which came into office saying it would not cooperate with Mr. Trump’s anti-immigration agenda, has gone along with it on several fronts, including accepting women and children despite earlier promises to take only adult male asylum seekers." This article explores the ways in which the Mexican president, called "AMLO" for his initials, is collaborating with and furthering the reach of Trump's policies on migrants.

Trump’s New Wall to Keep Out the Disabled

This article explores the disenfranchisement of disabled immigrants under the proposed public charge regulation. Due to the fact that private insurers don't cover meal preparation, household care and help with bathing, eating or dressing, most disabled people receive these services through Medicaid. Under the proposed regulation, the use of Medicaid would jeopardize an immigrant's legal status.

Challenged About the Wall

In this fascinating and easy-to-absorb piece, the author recounts being challenged by a Trump supporter to make a solid case against building a border wall. Her response is a practical, eleven point list of reasons that the wall is impractical, ineffective, and full of damaging consequences. What makes her list unique, however, is that she drew these conclusions from analyzing all conservative or right-wing data! Because she spoke with the language of her challenger, her points were impossible to refute. For those of us who struggle to know how to converse with someone whose priorities seem so different from ours, this article gives helpful language to begin conversations!