Podcast: De Aquí a Noviembre
From Now to November

Beginning in September 2018, IFCLA is honored to partner with Diario Digital St. Louis to offer a Spanish-language podcast that seeks to explore immigration-related topics pertinent to our community, region, and moment in time leading up to the mid-term elections this November. In this weekly series, we seek to open the dialogue on politics, society and community. We seek to better understand the composition of our Latinx community in St. Louis and the challenges we face in growing and defining ourselves as a community. For more details, visit DiarioDigitalSTL.com.


episode 1: Introduction

Sept. 6: The first episode takes a 30,000-foot view of the context and moment we are in, which lays the foundation for the next 9 weeks of this series. What is unique about St. Louis? What is Latinx immigration like in our region? What defines the political and social moment in history in which we are currently living? For details about this episode, click here.


Episode 2: Dreaming about daca

Sept. 13: Episode 2 will dive deep into a conversation about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Dream Act, recent judicial decisions, legislative actions, and most importantly, what all of this means for real people living real lives in our community. Joining Sara and Jaime for the episode are Vivian Garcia, leader of the MOdreamers coalition, and Nicole Cortes, immigration attorney at the MICA Project.