Past Leaders

Over the years we have had a number of outstanding staff/program coordinators helping our work. 

Our current Program Coordinator is Sara John.

1981 Cindy Marston
1982 Angie O’Gorman
1983 Heidi Fillmore-Patrick
1985 Frances Padberg
1987 Maggie Fisher
1995 Mira Tanna
1996 Mary Dutcher
1997 Christie Huck
2001 Margaret Hill
2002 Elizabeth Madden
2004 Marie Andrews
2006 Marilyn Lorenz

2013 Shona Clarkson

2015 "Collective":  Kendra Cruse, Anna Ginsburg, Hattie Svoboda-Stel
2016 Carolyn Vaughan (June-August), and Sara John (Program Coordinator) and Bridget White (Office Manager)

2017 Sara John