Past Issues


IFCLA has responded to issues with: 

  • Anti-fumigation campaign and consciousness raising about Plan Colombia
  • Delegations to Colombia (Puerto Asis & ONIC groups) 
  • Organization of buses to go to Ft. Benning, GA for the annual vigil and protest against the SOA/WHINSEC
  • Task Forces on FairTrade and Immigration
  • Participation in MIRA (Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates)
  • Continued participation in anti-mining campaigns, especially in Guatemala and El Salvador
  • Legislative updates, office visits and call-in campaigns
  • Promotion of Fair Trade products and companies
  • Building people to people relationships with and among Latin Americans through speakers, campaigns, and Pastors for Peace caravans. 
  • Outreach to students in high schools and universities
  • Internships for university students
  • An active webpage and email list serve
  • Actions and Campaigns in response to murders in Ferguson, Saint Louis, Mexico, and Honduras
  • Program to challenge profiling and discrimination of people of color