New Mayas Society 


Supporting the School for New Mayas (Centro de Formacion Nueves Mayas), a community-founded middle and high school in the village of Xix in the Guatemala highlands.

New Mayas
In the words of Jose Itzep Ixcotoyac (translated): 

          When we speak of New Mayas, we speak of actively assuming our destiny. 
          We speak of a new manner of relating to all that surrounds us. 
           We educate our students to forge a more just society, better able to confront

                the challenges which the future will bring. 
           In the School for New Mayas, we weave our spirituality into modern life. Our

                values may evolve, but they never lose their power.

Special efforts are made to recruit young women student, whose families are often reluctant to send them to school past the primary years.  Sociological studies conducted in developing countries around the world have concluded that educating girls into the upper grades results in the greatest benefits to families and communities in areas of increased health, economic development and achievement.

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Eco-Hotel:  A four bedroom hotel on the school campus is available for persons who want to stay a day or two, or perhaps for a longer visit.  For more information click here.

Affiliation with IFCLA:  In 2011, IFCLA agreed to serve as the fiscal agent for The New Mayas Society.  In 2015, this organizational affiliation ended and New Mayas found another sponsor who is registered both in the US and Guatemala. IFCLA no longer accepts funds for this organization. Contributions may be made via the New Mayas website, where they will be directed to AVIVARA, the organization's current fiscal sponsor.