IFCLA's Advisory Committee: An Invitation for Deeper Engagement

The Advisory Committee is an affirming, welcoming space where members learn from each other and share their own experiences around a new topic each meeting. The group—rejuvenated in 2018 in response to IFCLA’s determination to live up to its bylaws—helps ensure that new ideas flow into our work from many different voices.

From communications to fund development and international delegations to design thinking, we try to dig deep into topics, both energizing us for our daily work and encouraging us to dream big for the future. The Advisory Committee is not a governing body. Rather, its goal is to generate many insights that will be helpful not only to IFCLA, but to other organizations and individuals in their own work.

There are no requirements for membership, but we ask that Advisory Committee members commit to attending two of the four meetings per year, plus guest presentations if possible. This way we can get to know one another, which helps us foster an atmosphere of trust. If you’d like to learn more about being on this dynamic committee, please e-mail ifcla@ifcla.net.

Here are the meeting dates, times and topics for 2019:

April 28, Sunday, 2-4pm
Topic: Organizational assessment and transparency


July 27, Saturday, 10am-noon
Topic: Measuring effectiveness of social change.


October 10, Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm
Topic: A commitment to nonviolence and activism.


January 18, Saturday, 10am-noon
Topic: Networking with other nonprofit organizations, locally and nationally

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