Notes from the 2019 IFCLA Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019
Location: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church - Parish Center
Attendance: 27

Movement blessing before breakfast by Tyler Connoley, Board Co-Convener

Overview of the day’s agenda by Sara John, Executive Director

Reflection on  MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963, Good Friday

Key actions in which IFCLA engaged in 2018 by Sara John

  • Civil disobedience at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in St. Louis (described in a previous blog post).

  • Sanctuary for Alex Garcia (to learn more, check out this video, produced by one of IFCLA’s own team members!).

  • DACA support

  • Accompaniment

Growth and strategic planning by Ellen Ziegemeier, Board Convener

  • Brief recap of IFCLA’s 35-year-plus history, including the move to a new location in 2018.

  • Status report on the current financial situation, which is stable and allows greater work to be done.

  • Update on the restructuring that put in place an executive director (rather than program coordinator) and the shift from a Core Committee to a more-defined delineation of responsibility between the board, executive director, staff, and volunteers.

  • Update on the Advisory Committee, which was re-introduced in 2018 and has become a valued source of ideas and feedback.

Escalation for Transformation by Tyler Connoley

  • Discussion of powerful love and reflection on the action at the ICE office this summer, referencing the book “The Radical King” by Cornell West.

  • Lessons learned: the importance of inter-faith involvement and the benefit of a sense of solidarity with others, even when we don’t see the change we want to happen.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Accompaniment by Lindsey Faust, Loretto Volunteer

  • Her arrival at IFCLA in 2018 for a one-year commitment.

  • Program overview: more than 260 volunteers trained, 150 of whom joined teams that do three to four visits per week

  • Nine people have had ankle monitors removed in 2018.

Financial health by Geraldine Germain, Board Treasurer

  • Praise for Sara John’s doggedness in pursuing grants and increased funding in 2018.

  • Increased community support, especially in the sustainer program.

  • Explanation of accompaniment expenses and revenues on the annual financial report.

Sanctuary/Alex Belongs Here by Sara John

Looking Ahead to 2019 by Sara John

  • Introduction of new policy platform (including an activity to familiarize participants with its content).

  • Welcome of incoming interns for spring.

  • Annual fundraising event on June 13: Loteria Night (volunteers invited to help plan!)

  • Additional events