Recap: IFCLA's Week of Gratitude

Thank you all so much for the support and community you provided during IFCLA’s Week of Gratitude! The week was successful on many levels; besides the atmosphere of fun and connection achieved, IFCLA gained sixteen new sustainers and multiple one-time donations over the course of the week! These new sustainer commitments will help IFCLA immensely over the course of the next year, and we are more grateful than we can say. Let’s recap our week:

At our Monthly Meeting on Monday, November 26th, we screened our Alex Belongs Here video for the first time and talked about ways that we can commit to personal actions towards justice in the face of a government that is often uncooperative with our efforts. We discussed the importance of building a powerful and educated base and vowed to work together to cultivate that base in the coming year.

On Giving Tuesday, November 27th, we reached our goal of gaining 10 new sustainers! Thank you all for your contributions and for spreading the word about supporting IFCLA!

At our Dinner Dialogue on Wednesday, November 28th, we heard from local immigration activists and advocates about ways to make 2019 a success; the panelists focused on the importance of unifying our efforts and working together as a cohesive unit for justice in the future. All throughout IFCLA’s website, you can find further opportunities to get involved.

On Thursday, November 29th, we set aside heavy discussions for a night to enjoy the powerful simplicity of fun! We enjoyed dinner and margaritas while we learned about the history and traditions of the game of loteria - and then played the night away!

At our Salsa Swap and Program Fair on Friday, November 30th, we held conversations about IFCLA’s different programs and how they functioned in 2018. We also talked about specific initiatives that have taken place; board member Ellen Zeigemeier spoke about IFCLA’s work in conjunction with the Honduras Solidarity Network and executive director Sara John spoke about her September trip to Washington, D.C., to support Alex Garcia’s wife Carly in her advocating for her husband.

We are so grateful for the community of kind and generous supporters that we are surrounded with at IFCLA, and we look forward to continuing this new Week of Gratitude tradition in years to come!