Visiting Missouri's State Capitol



We've sustained a small but persistent presence in Missouri's state capitol this year. With leadership and bill tracking from Aimee Abizera, the Executive Director of the Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates (MIRA), we have been active speaking out against anti-immigrant legislation in our state. 

In January, IFCLA's Program Coordinator, Sara John, offered oral testimony before the Senate Committee hearing on Senate Bill 34, along with attorney Ken Schmitt of US Legal Solutions, Aimee from MIRA, Sarah Baker ( ACLU-MO), and Jeannette Mott Oxford ( EmpowerMO). Unfortunately, the bill was voted out of committee and onto the Senate floor. 

IFCLA sent representatives to Jefferson City in February as part of ACLU's statewide advocacy day. Our faithful interns, Mary Louise Pabello and Geraldine Hannon, spent a day with our allies, speaking up for human rights issues. We were back again in March as part of MIRA's statewide advocacy day - and were honored to be introduced on the Senate floor by Sen. Jill Schupp! But once again, our voices were not heard, and the Senate perfected SB 34 late that evening. 

On April 11, we were back again! This time, IFCLA was represented by Sara John, Mary Louise Pabello, former-SLU-intern-turned-Core-Committee-member Ellie Urbina, and current SLU student Marissa Ornelas. We again accompanied the testimonies of Sarah Baker, Aimee Abizera and Jeannette Mott Oxford. The afternoon sessions of the House and Senate went long, so the Committee hearing didn't begin until 7:30pm, and we didn't get to speak out against SB 34 until nearly 9pm! All 3 of these courageous young women of color spoke clearly and confidently against SB 34, sharing their individual testimony as immigrants, bringing all the emotion that comes with the vulnerability of sharing one's story of self in the face of power. We might be up against Goliath (again), but David was looking pretty strong in the voices of Ellie, Marissa and Mary Louise! 

We'll continue to keep you up-to-date as MIRA leads the resistance to state-level legislative threats to immigrants in our communities. Unfortunately, we're sure there will be more opportunities to challenge SB 34 and other harmful bills before this session is over.