Alex Belongs Here


Alex came to the US from Honduras thirteen years ago seeking safety and a better life. Since then, he has become a respected member of community and a pillar of support for his family. His oldest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2014 and depends on his strong relationship with his father to calm his stress and anxiety. For his eldest and his four other children, Alex is an incredible source of support and role model. In addition to caring of their children, two of which are younger than school-age, his wife of seven years works 40-hours a week and relies heavily on Alex for emotional and financial support.

Faced with deportation in 2015, Alex petitioned for and was granted a Stay of Removal for a period of one year. Each year since then, he worked with an attorney to file a new request to receive permission to stay United States for another year and continue to care for his family. Up until now, the government has acknowledged Alex’s responsibilities as a devoted father and husband and has granted yearly permission. Last month, however, ICE denied Alex’s request and gave him a date to report for removal from this country. Alex is needed at home and especially in the life of his oldest son with Asperger’s whose well-being and progress heavily relies on the consistency and guidance of his father.

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