Trips to Latin America or the Border

IFCLA sponsors a few trips in addition to the immersion trips. Primarily these are trips to the annual Protest and Vigil to close the SOA/WHINSEC, and to Guarjila in El Salvador. We have also connected with people going to the border in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. 

We focus on El Salvador due to our long relationship with the Guarjila community. Generally these are centered around a specific interest such as the anniversary of Ann Manganaro's death, or to monitor elections.

For our trips we try to schedule information sessions leading up to the trips, instead of merely meeting at the airport. Our belief is that this approach better prepares the traveler for what they will see and can expect. In this way a traveler is somewhat already along the learning curve and everything is not absolutely new.

We continually are asked to be part of and/or promote trips offered by people and organizations with whom we work. We also work with individuals to facilitate their ability to take a trip, such as a trip to Honduras to monitor the general election in Honduras in 2013. 

We have often hosted the Pastors for Peace caravans when they have come through Saint Louis. Various of our people have traveled to Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru so we have some knowledge and could offer our help.

If you have an interest in an accompaniment/immersion trip or a fact-finding trip, contact the office and we will work to connect you with information either for setting up your trip or for connecting with others who are going.

Travel to Latin America is relatively easy and not that expensive (depending upon the season).