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Vanderbilt Divinity School Summer Institute

IFCLA is thrilled to lead a delegation of 20 key leaders and volunteers in our organization to attend the 2019 Summer Institute offered by the Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, Tennessee. We are excited to bring back our learnings and experiences from this week and integrate these lessons into our organization. Space to attend the institute on IFCLA’s team is limited. Please contact Sara John if you are interested (

Policy, Politics, and Privilege:
The Prophetic Response to Racist Governance

In America, we have come full circle with our complicated selfhood as a nation. Once again, the hatemongers are killing us in our schools, killing us in the streets, killing us in our places of worship, killing us in our homes. The deep veins of racist governance can be felt in every pocket of this nation. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, privatization of education, resegregation, gentrification, eroding access to viable healthcare, the criminalization of poverty, militarized police brutality all serve as the tools and tactics of racist governance. What is our prophetic response?

Racial minorities face erasure through racist policies that target them. Politics run on a single track- a greed that excludes government for and by the people. Privilege gives rise to an uneven distribution of power, which distorts the meaning of justice for many. Should we just sit idly by singing kum bah yah? Or, should we be on the frontlines speaking truth to power? Truth is on trial. Truth deserves credible witnesses to save it from the arsenal of deceit disseminating from all manner of racist governance. Who shall we send? Who will go? This moment calls for bold witnesses.