Advisory Committee 2019

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In 2018, IFCLA re-launched the Advisory Committee, one of the oldest committees of the organization that had been dormant for nearly two decades. Last year’s Committee involved roughly 25 individuals who brought exciting new ideas and analysis to help fuel IFCLA’s mission.

The Advisory Committee is an affirming, welcoming space where members learn from each other and share their own experiences around a new topic each meeting. We ask that members commit to attending two of the four meetings per year. The Committee’s goals for 2019 are:

  • Sharing information and ideas so that the St. Louis immigrant community as a whole is strengthened.

  • Brainstorming resourceful and innovative solutions to ongoing challenges faced by IFCLA (and often by other nonprofits as well).

  • Broadening our network and offering new connections to others.

  • Providing non-binding strategic advice to the IFCLA board and staff.

  • Enjoying each other’s company!

We seek a broad range of individuals to serve on this committee. Qualifications include: an interest in or background from Latin America (speaking Spanish is great but not required), a curiosity about current events and their impact, and a desire to connect with others who share your interest and curiosity. We value the input of those in professional fields that are different from our own who want to contribute, and because we know you are busy, we will respect that your time commitment to the Advisory Committee is limited.

The Advisory Committee will meet at least four times during the year. Members of the committee are asked to commit to attending at least two of these meetings. Each meeting will cover a different topic. Members with a specific area of expertise may be asked to advise on temporary issues as needs arise and if they are able.

If you’d like to learn more about being part of this dynamic committee, please e-mail

2019 Schedule