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January 29, 2015: CIW receives Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts in Combating Modern-Day Slavery at White House Forum. 
In presenting the award, Secretary of State John Kerry said:
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Accompanying the people of Latin America in their struggles for human rights and social justice since 1982
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“This is an extraordinary accomplishment, and reminds all of us not just of the work that we have to do, but that dedicated individuals, like those here with us today from the Coalition, can strike out against injustice, break down barriers, and make a world of difference.”

"And when we purchase produce at a grocery store, you rarely think about the farmworkers right here in the United States, who in some cases are paid substandard wages and live in horrific conditions, with physical and verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination. The magnitude and the enormity of this challenge cannot be overstated. But so are the opportunities for change. So are the opportunities for us to be able to have an impact, and that’s what makes this forum today so important…"
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February 13, 2015: “Mobilized & Winning, Now It’s Time to Escalate,” by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The ‘Movement of Movements’ against Fast Tracking the TPP has the power to win. Since the President’s State of the Union message where he announced his plan to push corporate trade agreements and seek Fast Track trade promotion authority, the movement against Fast Track, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and globalized trade has grown. Instead of the bump in support that Obama expected after the State of the Union, opposition has increased inside Congress and in the grass roots.

Indications are that we are winning, and if we continue to mobilize over the next two months, we will win.

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Our mission: To accompany the people of Latin America in their struggles for human rights and
social justice, and to educate and advocate in the US