Mission and Goals

To accompany the people of Latin America in their struggles for human rights and social justice, and to educate and advocate in the U. S.


          * A community that reaches across economic, political and social borders by putting a human face on
                    issues of injustice in Latin America.
          * A community in which self-determination brings people together to achieve justice in our world.
          * A community rooted in a commitment to non-violence, defense of human rights and support of
                    sustainable models of growth.
          * A community where environmental perspectives and policies ensure a future for the planet and its


          1.  Challenge prejudice, respect dignity and work for just policies and laws so that Latin
               American refugees find welcome in St. Louis and the U.S.
               *  Obj. A: We will raise awareness of Latin American issues
                   *  Obj. B: Work with Latin American immigrants in all stages of status
                   *  Obj. C: Provide a means for mutual education involving immigrants and locals in the St. Louis area
           2.  Impact Federal and local elected officials to promote fair trade and to stop free trade
                *  Obj. A: We will work to replace free trade with truly fair trade
                    *  Obj. B: Develop a Food Justice Initiative working group to support local farmers, indigenous 
and migrant workers and farmers        
           3.  Protect human rights by challenging militarism, social prejudice, environmental exploitation,
                and political repression in Latin American countries.
                *  Obj. A: IFCLA will be a source of information in the St. Louis area.
                    *  Obj. B: Analyze, respond to, and challenge human rights violations, militarization, and US 
corporate control in the northern triangle        
           4.  Build bridges of friendship and solidarity to connect people of the U.S. and Latin America
                with projects of social justice and sustainable living.
               *  Obj.  A We will bring issues and peoples together.
                    *  Obj.  B We will stand in solidarity with the peoples of Latin America
            5.  Create and implement a plan for organizational sustainability within IFCLA.
                 *  Obj. A: We will operate efficiently and effectively as an organization.
                     *  Obj. B: We will work with faith communities in St. Louis, the U.S. and in Latin American home 
                     *  Obj. C: We will solidify the foundations of the organization:  i.   Office
                                                                                                               ii.  Financials
                                                                                                               iii. Fundraising.
                     *  Obj. D: We will use best practices to expand our community:   Personnel.

IFCLA addresses immigrantsí rights, comprehensive immigration reform legislation, closing the SOA/WHINSEC, fair trade and the problems with free trade agreements/sweatshop labor.

IFCLA works with national and international groups advocating peaceful and just resolutions to violent conflicts and supporting self-determination by the majorities in Latin American countries.

IFCLA has people-to-people relationships with the communities of Guarjila, El Salvador, Chajul, Quiche, Guatemala, the Limay Valley in Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. IFCLA organizes delegations, leads immersion experiences, and advocates with these communities for human rights and global justice.

IFCLA organizes the St. Louis community to become educated about issues impacting Latin American peoples and to advocate for systemic change through various projects and committees (Sweatfree St Louis, Racial Profiling and Preventive Policing, Extractive Industries Round Table, Honduras Solidarity Network, New Mayas Society, Latino Dinners, Intercambio, etc.), the webpage, Facebook, Twitter and blog, action alerts, and through weekly updates.
Accompanying the people of Latin America in their struggles for human rights and social justice since 1982
438 North Skinker Boulevard
Saint Louis, Missouri
(314) 721-2977
Immigration - Intervention - Investment - Immersion
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Our mission: To accompany the people of Latin America in their struggles for human rights and
social justice, and to educate and advocate in the US